Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Springtime

It has been busy here lately. We have been busy planting the garden and halterbreaking calves. We have planted a much bigger garden this year. So far it is around 2 acres and still growing. We also have new baby chicks in the brooder. I have planted 100lbs of potatoes, 3lbs of green beans 1lb of pintos,54 broccoli plants, 2lbs of corn, cabbage, lettuce, we are going to plant cuccumbers today and sometime this week get all of our purple hull peas planted, tomatoes, and peppers. Josh has been busy tearing up and burning an old building and he is using some of the better pieces to make me some raised beds for a kitchen and herb garden for the back yard. I have a lot of herbs, garlic and other things that I need to get out. We also have to build the chicken tractor pretty quick, because the baby chicks are outgrowning the brooder box. It is wonderful how God has given me a child that can help me so much. We had state testing for us homeschoolers yesterday and one of the boys there asked Josh about some movies and a certain channel on t.v. and Josh said he didn't know those, because he doesn't watch much t.v. and then they asked him if he had an x box or video games. Josh told them he didn't have those either. The boys told him they didn't know how he could live without them. Josh told them he lived on a farm and he didn't have time to do all of that stuff and that he didn't like to stay in the house. When we got home I did not even have to tell him to do anything he went and tilled the broccoli , weed eated some more and started making my herb bed frames plus fed his show bull and the baby chicks. God has given me a special gift in this little man.