Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nothing much happening

Well there has not been much happening here. I have been sick with a terrible sinus infection. Finally got some antibiotics and some steroids and they seem to be helping. We ran out of water again this afternoon. We have had rainy weather for the last two days, but it is just not enough. The guys have been trying to get a little hunting in before the season is over with. Tomorrow will be their last day. We have pretty much just been home doing normal everyday chores like feeding and watering.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

There is nothing like little boys, rubber boots and their best friends!

This is the inside of our barn at least one side. We waist nothing here, look at the reddish looking gate. They are the baseboards from Elizabeths room. We were trying to load a steer calf that was half crazy and he broke the gate and broke the top rail of the back gate so we had to fix the back one and Jeff decided to use what we had to build a new one for the stall. The wood was so hard it was hard to put nails in so he had to screw it together. So far it has held up great!
This is our sweet little Checkers he loves to have his picture taken!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well I am officially SICK. I have got a terrible cold. I don't handle colds very well. I have not done much today at all. Went and got some over the counter meds and cough drops, I just hope the rest of my bunch doesn't get it. What is so irronic is I have been a germ x crazy person and look where it has gotten me! Hope everyone has a good night.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Its supper time!

farm pics

This is one of our piggies.

around the farm

We have had a pretty good day today. We weaned a couple of calves that was long past due! It wasn't tohard to get everyone sorted, especially with a little feed. Jeff and Josh spent most of the afternoon working on the well at the barn, we had some frozen and busted pipes and the pump was not wanting to work, not to mention that there is not much water in the well to pump. We are still praying for rain here. So if you are reading this I ask of you to include us in your prayers and pray for some rain for us!

The boys are out hunting right now and JC and I are staying in where it is warm and drinking hot cocoa. I think we will have chilli for supper tonight. My bunch usually does not like soup of any kind, but they will eat a real thick and hot chilli.

We are going to start on the flooring in the hallway tomorrow, I hope it goes smoother than Elizabeths room did LOL:)

I tried to take some farm pictures today, and I will try to post them tonight. It takes forever to download them with my dial up internet! Hope everyone stays warm tonight!

God Bless ya,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We have had a great Christmas. We went and saw my mom earlier in the week and we already had Christmas at Jeff's mom and dad so we didn't have to go anywhere on Christmas day. It was great! Jeff's mom and dad came over and ate supper with us. We snacked all day and then I fixed a huge roast with potatoes, corn, broccolli rice and cheese casserole, and a salad. I decided since it was Christmas that we would eat on my grandmothers china. Everything was delicious.

Christmas 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Here is a picture of Elizabeth and JC with our very first Ginger Bread House

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pretty Good weekend!

We have had a pretty good weekend. We went Saturday to a local state park for its Christmas tour. It is a place that is still in the 1800''s. There are lots of houses, doc. office, black smith, printing press, court houses, and churches. Everything is as if time has stood still. They decorate everything up for the holidays like it would have been then. They have people dressed in period costume and giving tours of each building. They had over 2,000 candles lit in paper bags that lined up every road and board walk. We had a great time. If I can get my pictures to down load maybe I can show some. I can tell you one thing, for no electric lights or shiny tinsel everything was just beautiful. And we don't celebrate Christmas anything like we used to! It was not all about STUFF. If they gave gifts they were usefull gifts and they came from the heart. NOT because they felt they had too. I vote to bring some of that back. We have lost what this season is all about and that is the birth of MY savior Jesus Christ! He can be your savior too if you would just let him!

OK, enough of the soap box!
We started putting up our decorations and got the tree up and wouldn't you know it I ran out of lights. For some reason I never can remember how many strings I put on it uuuggghhh!

The kids and I started making a gingerbread house tonight also. It will be real interesting to see how that will turn out tomorrow with so many little hands wanting to help! Believe it or not we have never done one. If this turns out ok we might just make this a new tradition in our home!

We have a busy week up a head. Two partys I know of and we have to make some ornaments to exchange and I have to make refreshments. We also have several other things. I think we only have one day off and I am sure something will come along and fill that up also.

God Bless Ya,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Homesteada Happenings

Well all is pretty well here on the homefront. The boys are recovering from thier colds and ear infections very well. Maybe just maybe I can get our Christmas decorations.

My littlest one is having trouble going to sleep tonight. It is almost midnight and he has come in(Im in the school room on the computer) and said he did not feel very well. I asked him what was wrong. He said his side was hurting. I just asked him what can mommy do to help you feel better. And he said" some ice cream would help make it feel better!" With puppy dog face and sweet little voice to go along. What is a mother to do!LOL;)

Guess I better go and try to get him to bed.

God Bless ya,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

homestead happenings

Everything is doing fine here on the homestead tonight. Everyone is in bed that is except me! I need to go to bed, but can't go to sleep just yet. It is nice and cozy in here and I am enjoying the silence!

We have finally finished Elizabeths bedroom. It took us forever. I will try and post a few pics this week. I wish I had thought to take some before pics. She is finally sleeping in there. We have just about had a family melt down over this project. It was supposed to be a simple paint job back at the first of the year and it turned into something else. We got started and then the garden came in and all the summer activities and hubby working a lot and then when we had time we had no money! Thats always a bummer! So finally we had the money and a little bit of time. We have argued for the last two weeks but I finally had enough of it and decided to just do it my self! So with the help of the kids and the Lord I finished putting the flooring down and put up all the trim and baseboards myself and finished painting. I finished around midnight last night. Boy, was hubby surprised when he walked in yesterday and found that I had already done it! I am ever so sore. My knees and fingers are really sore from putting down the flooring. Now I feel like I can go to the next room on my list and get started with it!

Farm wise nothing much going on. Went and got a load of feed today and hopefully will get a load of hay soon. We are supposed to get a little snow tonight and in the morning. I don't want a mess, but some water of some kind would be nice. Along with that feed today I got, I had to get some water. I am ever so tired of hauling water. We have been praying for rain!

May God Bless ya,

Friday, December 3, 2010

It has been a busy couple of days here on the homestead. We had our annual Christmas parade and Christmas on the square last night. Our 4-H sold hot cocoa and popcorn. I had to help organize and get all of that together .The Lord supplied us with really nice weather. Not to cold! Just right! I was rather pooped afterwards. Today was our weekly shopping trip. I had lots of stops today. I also have a little one with a sinus infection and so he has not felt good, but has felt well enough to be very GROUCHY!

I watched a very interesting program tonight called Food Inc. I think anyone who EATS needs to see this show. It is very enlightning. It makes you not want to eat anything. I am so glad that we can grow a lot of our own food. Sometimes I don't appreciate our family's blessings in that we eat very well. Not to say that I don't buy a lot of stuff I shouldn't. I am trying harder and harder to watch what we eat and where it comes from. You know they have a pill, patch and gum and other stuff to help people break their smoking habits, they need to come up with something to stop the soda habit. Our family does not drink, smoke, dip, chew or do drugs, but we are all addicted to sodas. We eat lots of veggies, grow our own meat and I make our own bread, but the sodas are still hard for us to let go of!

God Bless ya,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

homestead happenings

It has been a really busy day here. I made my first attempt at making homemade granola cereal. It turned out pretty good, but I still have a little tweeking to do on it. I made a big batch of gumbo today also. We did some school work , Elizabeth painted some more on her room and we had Church tonight. Everyone is in the bed, except for ME. I am give out, but I have missed being on this computer and am trying to catch up reading everyone's blogs. I love to read about how others live their lives. Some of theses ladies on their blogs just blow me away about all the things that they get done. They are an inspiration to me.

There is not much going on farm wise, just daily feeding right now. I hope we can add some critters to the mix soon. I would like to buy some more calves, but they are just too high right now. Hope eveyone has a bless evening.

God is Good,