Sunday, January 10, 2010

On the home front

Well It has been a long week. We have not been able to do a lot this week with it being so cold. Hubby has had to work late all week even had to work Saturday. But, we are not complaining, the Good Lord knows we need the money. We have had an uneventful week. We have been trying to get caught up on school work. I had a doctors appointment Friday and had an echo done of my heart. I am still not just feeling well. Saturday I worked on the kids 4-H journals. Oh how I HATE doing those. It is like pulling teeth for me to have to do those. I make the kids help do their own journals, but it is still not one of my most favorite things to do. There is one adavantage of doing one though. You can look back on them and see all the things that you accomplished through the year and what you need to improve on. Maybe I ought to do one for my own personal self!! On the other hand maybe NOT;)

We came home from church this morning to busted water pipes. It actually got above freezing today and so everything that was froze thawed and boy did it thaw. We had to mis church tonight because of fixing the leaks. We did not get all of them done. There are still busted pipes at the barn. We did not have enough parts to fix everything.

we are going to have a busy week this week. I have got meetings and doc. appointments this week and then Friday hubby and I leave for a Fair Managers convintion. Well I better go to bed God Bless ya ,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well all is quiet on the home front. The fire is burning and hubby, kids, and animals are all down for the night. Hubby had to work over today so the boys and I had to do all the feed and haying ourselves. We put out some extra because of the cold. They are not used to this either. We may get some snow by Thursday. We got snow Monday, but it melted as fast as it snowed. I don't like winter weather. We in the south are just not prepared for it. I remember one year we were without electricity for a whole month. It was not very fun. We still had heat because of the wood heater and I have the gas cook stove. We drew water from the well and brought it home in tubs and I dipped out of those and heated water up on the stove for baths and everyone got in quick and out quick and I just kept adding hot water untill I had to run some clean. The kids were little then and they could all share a tub, but now everyone is to big for that. We played games at night and went to bed early. We had a terrible ice storm and the kids were scared to death at night. The ice was so heavy it made trees and limbs crash to the ground and they sounded and felt like an earth quake. It took them a long time to get over all of that. Sometimes I wish we could go back to the "good ole days" but sometimes I thank the Good Lord for what we have. We are a very simple family. We only have one t.v. and it is in the den. It's a small t.v. not very big. We have a vcr and dvd player, but no satellite or cable. We just have an antenna and if we can't pick up anything we just do with out. We also don't have any video games. I just don't like those things. One of the boys has been begging for one and we are still debating on what to do. I don't have a cell phone, but my DD does. We have this computer, but it is old I really do need a new one of those. We just live a really simple life. Somedays my heart is so full of love for this life and my family it could burst. Today me and the little man put out minerals for the cows
Who ever said there was global warming ? :( Us southern folks are not used to the cold like this. I know up in the northern states everyone thinks it is probably warm here. It was 20 this morning and by the end of the week they are talking single digits. They say we are going to have the coldest temps weve had in over a decade. This old house we live in don't have much insulation so that means every one is going to have to put on some layers. The wood stove is going to have to really get to work this week. The plans for today are simple work on cleaning the house, so school work with kidos and try to get my new sewing machine out and use it for the first time. I guess I will try and make a new apron or something. I need to get some more fabric. Well I wish I could post some pictures but my computer is to old and my net is to slow and I have had a hard time posting a picture. I have a really good picture of our pond that I wanted as my background on my heading but it just won't let me. Hope everyone stays warm

God Bless ya,


Monday, January 4, 2010


Hello everyone out there in blogging world. I am looking forward tomeeting new friends.
I am a stay at home wife and mother. I have been married for 15 years now and have 3 children and one blessing in heaven. We live on a farm in South west Arkansas and are trying to make a go of it. We are also homeschooling and trying to live as much a self sufficiant lifestyle as we can.