Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learning how to post pictures

I have been trying to learn how to post pictures. Here are a couple of pics of the kidos.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has sprung

well spring has finally arrived on the farm. The last two weeks we have all been sickly. The sunshine this weekend sure has helped. We got new baby chickens in on Friday. J.C. is so excitied about them. We got 50 of them and so far only 2 have died. On Saturday. The kids had 4-H shooting sports practice. We had a good service at Church Sunday morning. We were not able to go back last night we decided to go ahead and do some garden work. We normally don't do work on Sunday, but yesterday the sun was shining and dear hubby was finally home so we decieded it was now or never. We got the potatoes, green beans, pinto beans, broccoli, and squash planted. We have decided to put in an extra big garden this year.

we had a homeschool playday on Friday and the kids and I enjoyed it really well. Last week I mentioned a friend of mine challenged me to memorize Titus 2. Well at our playday another friend had a stack of books she was loaning out and I decided to borrow them to read. Well wouldn't you know it the first one on the top was a book by Debi Pearl
"Created To Be His Help Meet" The first part of the book is about being a help meet to your husband first and foremost. The 2nd part was putting Titus 2 to work. Let me just say that anyone that is a wife and mother needs to read this book. I have made so many bad choices and did not even realize it until I read this book. God has opened my eyes to a brand new world. I have been thinking for the last 15 years that it was all my husbands fault why he is like he is. But, after reading this book I have come to realize that I have had a huge part in it. I have tried to be the boss of our home and did not even realize it. I have forced my hand in so mancy situations that I can't even count them. So let me just say right now that I pray that anyone reading this will not make the same mistakes that I have made. I ask that you pray for me, so that I may change and make a change for the better.

So the 8 things in Titus 2 : We are to be Sober, Love our Husbands, Love our children, To be discreet, Chaste, Keepers AT home, Good, and Obedient to our Husbands. The last one I will really have to work on!!;)
May the Lord Bless you,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ready for spring

We have all been under the weather for a while. I talked to a dear friend of mine today and she asked me if I could tell her the points of Titus 2. I thought I knew them, but when she asked I went blank. She has challenged me to memorize Titus 2. So the next time she calls me I will be ready. As a wife and a mother I need to know those points by heart and to take them to heart. I have been realizing that I have not been doing my job as wife and mother that I should have. My health has been getting in the way. I have been praying earnestly for the Lord to give me a new strengt everyday to be a better wife and mom. I have realized that there are somethings that we just don't have 2nd chances at. Our children are only children once. We as mothers need to appreciate the gifts that God has given us.