Monday, September 26, 2011

Been a busy day for sure, made a trip to town for supplies and feed. It was supposed to be just a short trip, but too all day. My goodness everyone is grouchy here today. It seems everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. We all went to bed like that last night. Why is it teenagers think that they know everything and that we moms and dads have idiot plastered over our head.LOL If we make it through these teenage years we will be doing good!

Watched a very good movie on you tube tonight its called "180"movie
It will move you and give you lots to think about. We are a firm conservative family who does not believe in abortion, this movies showed what people think about it and their religious beliefs. It is so sad that there are so many people that are going to die and go to hell and they think it's just going to be a big party. Well folks that is the farthest thing from the truth. If you do not repent of your sins and ask God to forgive you and believe that God sent His son Jesus Christ to die for our sins that is exactly where you are going, and while there you will be tormented with darkness, pain and fire. But, the good news is that we are given a choice and it's a free choice for us paid by the Son of God, Jesus Christ. If you don't know Him I urge you to stop right now and repent, and give your life to Jesus. I promise you that life as you know it will never be the same.
God Bless,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A new goody!

Well we got a new goody this week. A new truck !!!!

Well new to us. It's a King Ranch F250 super duty truck, it is a diesel and I love it. My other truck was literally falling to pieces. We can only say it was by the grace of God that we got it. It was very quick, we came in drove it filled out the paper work and picked it up the next day. We have never been able to do something like that before. God is an ever loving and merciful one. God knew that we needed that truck , mine was on it's last leg. God is good.

Other than that nothing special going on. We are gearing up for another livestock show this week and hoping to take home supreme heifers. Hubby will be home this week and so he is going to try and get some brush hogging done and maybe get my fall garden planted and some firewood cut. I am looking forward to cooler day for sure. I don't like the cold but cooler would be nice.

We have 4 new baby calves so far and they all seem to be doing well considering our feed situation. Hopefully our feed will be delivered this week also.
I tried something new this month and tried to do a months worth of groc. in one day. I got lots of stuff, but this is going to take some work if I plan on doing it again, my list didn't cover everything like I needed it too. As busy as we are going to be for the next month I was trying to at least make something easier. LOL.
God bless ya,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another show

Well there is one more down and two more to go for the year.
The kids did great, both won their classes with the maintainer and the exotic commercial heifer. Josh got in the top 5 in his age division is showmanship he was against 50 others. Elizabeth got in the top 7 in her age division,
I am a proud momma.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Future Hero

I have a little boy who dreams of being a hero one day!

He is only 6 and wants to be a soldier. He spends his
days making forts and running too and fro on this
old farm. He comes in the kitchen every morning and
says "mom, I'm off to fight the enemy, I'll be back"
I give him a kiss and off he goes. He'll come back in a while later
to tell me he's back and gives me all the details of where his patrol was and what his captain made him do. Imagination is running wild. He gives me another kiss, this time it's usually
a stinky one, but I love the smell of stinky sweaty dirty little boys.

I can't imagine ever sending this sweet little boy off to war one day,
but I am ever so grateful to the mom's of our American Soldiers who have
sent their little boys off to war to keep my little soldier safe.
And sadly lots of them didn't make it home to kiss their mommas.

We are so fortunate to live in this country, and many of us don't even know it.
I want to thank God for the men and women who are out there right now protecting us and for God allowing me to live in this place and for the sweet children he has blessed me with.
God bless America!

The sword you see was made by his grandfather. It is
a favorite of his, who needs fancy plastic toys when you have a
wooden sword.

Friday, September 9, 2011

First baby calf of the year

Well we have our first baby calf of the year and as you can see she is a dandy. She is so small. Her momma is a first time heifer calf and so between that and the drought this summer with us being low on feed stuff she is small. We saw her and mom on top of the hill as we were heading out to go to town one afternoon. She looked well that evening, but by that morning she wasn't looking to good. Mom hadn't even made a bag and was stepping all over her so we brought her to the house and gave her a bottle of colostrum. We then ran her mom across the road and put her in the front lot of the barn. I thought if they were confined a bit and the mom could get a little more feed they would do well. Well the next morn we went to check and they were both in the front lot and little one seemed to be trying to nurse more. I don't know what happened but the mom is an idiot she decided that being in the lot for one whole night was enough. She jumped the fence and litteraly got tangled up and was hung in the barbed wire. We had to cut her out. We got the fence fixed and no more done that then she jumped the gate. So we said to heck with it. We put her and the calf back across the road and as of earlier today the little one was nursing well and wagging her tail while doing so. Which by the way is a very good sign. We will just have to watch her closely for a while and see how they do. We have about 3 more that is due in the next week, so we are keeping a closer eye on everyone. We will have a steady progression of calves from now untill spring, our original cows will be having calves around Feb and March and the new ones we bought are going to calve from now untill the end on Dec. We are in the midst of a crisis here on our farm and that is NO HAY. The drought has everyone scrambling for hay and people are being ripped off left and right. There are a lot of people that are going to have to pay for charging 100 bucks a role to people who are desperate for it. We are desperate, but I just can't spend that. So I have been on the phone all day trying to come up with something else and I am about to get panicky. Please say a prayer for us. I know that the Good Lord gave us these cows this year and I know He is going to help us feed them.
God bless until next time,
Well County fair has come and gone. We had a good week all in all.
Elizabeth won Grandchampion Maintainer heifer and Senior showmanship
Josh won Reserve champion commercial heifer and Reserve steer and he won Junior
showmanship. JC got a little ribbon for showing as a pee wee. Elizabeth also won best of show
with one of photos. We are just now recovering, it was dreadfully hot, but we made it.
Thought I would share some of the pictures.

The calves, don't they look good. Considering its been an average 108 degree days.
The first one is Elizabeth's then Josh's heifer and little steer.

Josh is waiting his turn in the show ring

Josh with his heifer during the premium sale.

Elizabeth doing her thing!

Elizabeth in showmanship.

JC waiting his turn to mutton busttin.

He didn't last but about 4 seconds, but the first thing he said was
"do I get to go it again" and he was all grin.

JC showing the little steer in the Pee Wee showman ship.

One down and 3 more shows to go.