Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good friends and a better day

buttercups in our yard (spring has sprung) I want to thank the Lord for dear sweet friends He has sent my way. Thanks for all the encouraging words and thoughts of wisdom. Today has been a better day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better, sometimes I lose sight of what is most important and that is NOT me but the Lord and what He wants us to be accomplishing in our famiy for Him. On another note we had an exciting afternoon and Elizabeth took a big spill off of her horse. I am not sure what happened, she ran into some trees and Elizabeth couldn't stop her, I don't know if she fell because her reins broke or they broke in the fall, we may have to get some x-rays in the morning, we will see how she is doing. It could have been really bad. when we got to her she was shaking all over and was pale as could be. Good thing her little brother was out and saw her and came and got us. God was good to us once again.

Monday, March 28, 2011

prayers are needed

I need prayer right now. It has been a month since my last blog entry, things were crazy then as they are now. My mom is doing better now and all of the kids are well, Jeff even got a good doctors report today. What I need pray for is peace! Peace of mind, peace of spirit, peace in our home, peace in my relationships, peace about where I belong. There seems to be a storm brewing here in our home. We are in between churchs right now and are struggling with a move. I really want to join the church we are presently attending, but my husband and two of the three kids don't won't too. I feel that I am needed in thier music ministry, and I have a gift in that area that I have not used in several years. But, alas we have to go somewhere as a family. So, I just don't know what that means exactly right now. Satan has been attacking our home and me about our decision to keep our children at home. this is our third year and no it has not been easy for us, them or me and the chaos is driving me madd. God is NOT the author of chaos and so therefore somehow I have got to get this family back into check. And why do I constantly have to defend the choices that we have made. well enough complaining right now, on to some farm news. I got a new dryer and new clothes line finally. I also got a new kitchen stove. it is new to me, but it is really six yers older than I am. Think about that one for a minute (if you know my age;0) It is olive green and so far works just fine. My husband and boys were missing the baked goods so much that they didn't care what we got as long as it worked. We had our hogs butchered and got over 300 lbs of meat. We have been so excited over the fresh meat. We have also been working the garden some more and doing a lot of trash cleaning up. I am going to pick up our bull this week and get him home to start breeding the cows. Baby chickens will be here soon. We will be busy with 4-H this next month also. Our awards banquet is in April along with Oramas events. Elizabeth and Josh do not know it, but they one District journals in Animal science and I am very proud of them both. I am waiting to surprise them at our awards banquet. sometime or another I will try and post some pictures. Untill next time. God bless, Tara