Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homested happenings

There has not been a lot going on this last week.  We have been busy, but with what I could not tell you.  Josh is off working for the next couple of weeks and the milking has been turned over to me, baahaaahhaaa!  The very first time I milked her I cut my arm on the gate, she got mad and did a flip knocked the panel over on me and fell on me, and before I left the barn Elizabeth's heifer head butted me.  Then tonight I fell face forward in the front lot of the barn.  Needless to say I am a little sore right now!!!  

I was able to visit a very sweet friend this afternoon.  It is always a treat for me to be able to visit with other like minded women.  It is nice to just be able to sit down and talk.  I always feel so much better when I leave from her lovely home.
 I think hospitality is a dead art these days.  We never seem to be able to have time to go visit someone or even let them come see us.  Social media has taken over.  A good old fashion sit down face to face is good for the spirit, body and mind.

Here are few pics from this week:

This is a picture of Cora that I posted last week in my dress when I was her age.
 This is a picture of myself at the same age as Cora.
J.C loves his little sister and loves to help me give her a bath.

Sweet slobbery smiles is what I love!

We had a 4-H craft workshop this week and made lots of goodies to take.

Last week Cora wore my dress this week she wore her big sisters dress.

I was trying to learn how to use a sling that was given to me as a gift, Cora and I went and watered the plants together several times, I still have to work on getting her situated just right.  I liked to have dumped her out once.

J.C's newest project!  A gift from a great aunt.

Nothing like the smell of fresh sheets off of the line!

Flowers doing well and me playing with the camera.

I love fresh figs and so do the birds!  

Fresh raw milk.  It does a body good!

A new experiment!  I found a recipe for a cleaner that sounded very good.  It is vinegar with orange and lemon peeling in it.  You add a tsp. of salt and the peelings add to vinegar and let steep for 2 weeks then add borax  and dissolve and strain into a spray bottle.  We shall see if it works!

God bless ya,

Monday, August 12, 2013

Homestead happenings

Well things are trying to get back to normal around here, whatever normal means.  We are through with the garden right now and am about to turn it over and try to get started on a fall one.  The Good Lord has blessed us with so much rain this summer.  We have only had to haul water for the house once and that was my fault, I forgot to turn off a hose after washing the porch off and it busted.  Lets just say my sweet husband was not happy with me!  We did have a batch of storms go through the other night and we lost power for about 6 hours, needless to say it was way to hot in this house!

Little Cora is doing well, she had her 2 month check up this past week and weighs in at 13.10 and 24in.  She is getting so big.  She is not eating that much formula either.  I may break down and start her on some cereal soon and see if that will help her rest at night better.  
Here are a few new pics.  I finally got a new camera and am still learning how to use it, so a couple of the pics are kinda fuzzy.  

 This was a cute outfit some dear friends gave me when she was born.  
We just had to wear one night to VBS this week.

 This little outfit was mine when I was the same age as Cora, in fact I had my 
picture taken in it with a blue blanket behind me.  My mom picked butterbeans
to be able to buy it for me.  It is something I will hold dear to me!

 I love these sweet little fat toes,  She has some of the biggest feet
I bet she is going to be tall.

Well that is all for now,
God bless ya,