Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Well everything here on our little homestead has been very busy.  Our sweet little Cora Mae made her grand entry into this world last Wednesday.  She weighed 8.11 lbs and 19 inches.  Here are a few pics of the great event.  
Elizabeth was with me in the operating room.  I think she liked it, or at least wearing the scrubs part of it. 

 She let us know she was in the world very quickly, they did
not have to worry about her lungs! Like mother like daughter.

 All the nurses couldn't get over how sweet and fat she was.  
You couldn't even see she had eyes for her sweet fat little cheeks.

 How precious to have Elizabeth in with me and for her to get
to see the birth of her sister.

 Look at all that dark hair!  She has a head full!

 Look at that sweet face and chubby little cheeks.  She looks so much like
J.C..  She has his little chin and nose.

 We were getting ready to come home.

I think big brother is very proud.  
In fact J.C. can't stay away from her.  Since we have gotten home, he
goes and looks at her or touches her every time he passes her cradle.

Today is also my birthday, and what better gift could I have ever gotten than this precious little angel.
God bless!