Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Homestead Happenings

Well our summer is running by fast and it seems we have not gotten much accomplished but having a baby and trying to stay cool.  I am through with the corn and peas, and am now working on tomatoes.  I was able to put up 50 qts of cream corn, and 100 qts of purple hull and zipper peas. Little Cora is doing well and gaining weight.  I thought I would post a few pics.
 This is the 3rd batch of corn we did and they all had about the same amount.  
I know it will taste wonderful this winter, but right now I care nothing to look
at another cob of corn.  All 3 batches were cut off and creamed except for about 10 gallon
bags that I put up some that I left on the cob.  
 This was little Cora last Sunday.  She looks really big in this picture, 
I guess it was how close I was, but she weighs 11.9 lbs now.  
She was not happy with me at the time, just look at her expression on 
her face.
 We love this bouncy seat it is our best friend right now.
 I could just kiss on those sweet cheeks all night long.

Well that is all for right now. 
Gob Bless ya,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Homestead happenings

Well things have been pretty busy around here lately.  I am still struggling trying to recover, but hopefully I will have my strength back soon.  We had a pretty busy week last week.  My mom came for a visit for a few days.  I was so good to see her.  We have not seen her for over 2 years, and that is a long time.  She got to get lots of little kisses and to feed little Cora.  She was also able to help me put up at least one batch of our corn.  I have done one more since she left and have I know one more to go.  Little Cora is doing well she is now weighing 9.1lbs and she is 20.5 inches long.  Cora has decided she likes the nighttime better than the daytime.  She has gotten them a bit mixed up.  One night this week, she didn't go to sleep till 5:30 in the morning,  that happened to be on a day we had somewhere to be that morning.LOL.  Here are a few pics of our little sweetie.

 This is what little Cora looks like at 3:00a..m..  It's like hello mommy I am ready to play.

 My mom with Cora.  It was bitter sweet when she had to go back home.

I just love this little pic.  I think green might be her color.

God bless ya,