Friday, July 27, 2012

Homestead happenings

It's been a busy time around the farm.  The kids have been attending different camps and 4-H activities.  Their livestock skills team won 7th in the state.  Not bad for their first time going.  I have still been very busy with all my canning.  The garden has slowed down now and I am only getting a few things here and there. We are about to start turning everything under and planting for the fall.  The drought has hit us really hard as usual.  We are already hauling water for the wells at the house and the barn.  I tell ya, all the Good Lord has to do to get our attention is one little thing and that is turn off the water spout...... Our country is about to face a crisis in many ways.  Food prices are about to hit the roof.  We can see it coming.  We are determined to have a fall garden of some kind.  Also our county fair time is approaching fast, and we know it is coming every year, but it seems to get here faster with each year.  I hope everyone's summer is going well, ours is flying by fast.

Kids all dressed up for their banquet.

God bless, Tara